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"Maritime Security An Introduction" by Michael McNicholas - invaluable unique guidance for the professionals who protect our shipping and ports and the academic student of Homeland/Maritime Security.
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"Maritime Security An Introduction", (2nd Edition)

"Maritime Security An Introduction" (2nd Edition) covers the following topics:

  • About the Author
  • Contributors to This Edition
  • Contributors to the Previous Edition (on Whose Chapters This Book Is Based)
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter 1. Commercial Seaports and Strategic Maritime Passages in Transformation
  • Chapter 2. Modes of Maritime Transport
  • Chapter 3. Documentation, Financial Transactions, and Business Entities in Commercial Maritime Transportation
  • Chapter 4. International and U.S. Maritime Security Regulation and Programs
  • Chapter 5. Vulnerabilities in the Cargo Supply Chain
  • Chapter 6. Perils of the Seas: Piracy, Stowaways, and Irregular Migration
  • Chapter 7. Drug Smuggling via Maritime Cargo, Containers, and Vessels
  • Chapter 8. Targeting and Usage of Commercial Ships and Port by Terrorists and Transnational Criminal Organizations
  • Chapter 9. Cyber and Information Threats to Seaports and Ships
  • Chapter 10. A Strategic Blueprint for World-Class Seaport Security
  • Chapter 11. Threat Mitigation Strategies
  • Chapter 12. Security Management and Leadership in Seaports
  • Chapter 13. A Networked Response to Maritime Threats: Interagency Coordination
  • Chapter 14. Legal Authorities for Maritime Law Enforcement, Safety, and Environmental Protection
  • Index


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